Mini Wishing Well






Fasten the four 1 X 8 - 12" together to form base with 1 3/4" screws


Fasten the two 1 X 3 - 30" to base, centered on opposite sides with 1 1/4" screws from inside.

Fasten the 14" lath pieces to top of base.


Attach 1 X 2 - 12 3/4" and 12" rafters to top of 1 X 3 , keeping them flush with outside with 1 3/4" screws.


Fasten 1 X 2 - 7" braces with 1 1/4" screws as shown in fig. 1.


Attach 1 x 2 - 16" roof boards to rafters with 1 1/4" screws as shown in fig. 1.


Select enough shingles to cover one layer of each side of roof allowing shingles to over-hang roof boards by aprox. 1". Cut 5" off the butt end and save for later. Use the remainder of the cut shingles for first row, overlapping gables and eaves by 1". Lay another layer of shingles over first. Lay a second layer spaced 5" from the first , the thin ends will have to be trimmed on these. Apply the third layer using the 5" butts cut from the first layer.


Apply the 15" lath to trim gables, and 18" lath to trim peak.

Cedar Wishing Well
- Wishing well stands just over four feet tall, hexagon base is aprox. 22" across
- Constructed with standard dimension material.
- Only special tools required are a miter-box and an 1 1/8" bit or hole saw.
- Includes plans for cedar bucket and optional roof planter.

Wishing Well Plans

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