Cutting Box

Repetitive cuts can be cut squarely and accurately every time with this cutting box for your circular saw. It is easy enough to make that different sizes can be made for projects as they come along. The one shown here is for straight cuts, an angle version could be made for cutting the top of fence boards.


Most of it can be made from any material that you have available, you may have to buy the angle iron,the dimensions are only suggestions, the important part is making sure the runners are square to the box.

The Box

Assemble the base as shown using 3/4" material, these dimensions will allow you to cut a finished 2 X6 (1 1/2" X 5 1/2"), to cut landscape ties or 4X4's a narrower version with higher sides can be made, you will have to make one cut and then turn the material over and make a second cut.

The Runners

The runners are made from 3/4"angle iron 24" long, drill and countersink two holes in each so that at least 9" of the runner is over-hanging the front of the box, then attach the left runner to the box, use a square to position it perpendicular to the rear side of the box. Fasten the second runner parallel to the first so the base of your circular saw will fit between the runners. Apply paste wax to the surface of the runners.

How to Use

Adjust the depth of your saw to just cut into the base of the box, place the saw on the runners and make a cut through the box . Place the material in the box against the back , align the position of the cut to be made with the slot in the box. Place the saw on the runners, hold the wood in position making sure your fingers are outside the runner and push the saw along the runners through the material making sure the saw clears the back side so the blade guard closes over the blade.

When cutting long boards fasten the box to a plank supported by two sawhorses, lay strips of wood the thickness of the base across the plank outboard from the box to support the ends of the board. Place a stop block on one end to cut multiple boards the same length.