Welcome to Green Thumb Garden Goodies a gardening page where you can find tips, easy yard projects, lawn care, links to online supplies as well as other landscape and gardening sites. We can have strong healthy plants with Mother Nature's help if we let the helpers she provided us with do their work. Natural, organic systems of weed and pest control will benefit both our bodies and the environment that we are living in, not only will we reap the benefits but the generations to follow will thank us.

Wishing Well Plans

After boiling eggs pour the water in cracks in paths to prevent weeds from growing.

 Grow chives with roses to protect them against aphids.

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Marjarom and mint help to deter ants.

Work 1/2 cup of epsom salts into the soil around rose bushes, put 2 cups into your bath tub and soak in it after a hard days work in the garden.

Greenhouse plants do best when given small but frequent dosages of fertilizer. Weekly applications can be given by diluting by five the recommended monthly proportion.

Defining Shade

Seed packages tell us that a plant should be grown in full sun, or partial shade or full shade. What do they mean?

Light Shade - area is completely shaded for two to four hours during the heat of the day.

Partial Shade - means an area receives about four to five hours of shade.

Full Shade - lasts all day, it's the dark shade you find under a group of trees having a multi-story canopy or under a building overhang. Fully shaded areas receive some light from reflected sunny areas.

Dense Shade - is the darkest day-long shade, no reflected light reaches these areas. You will find dense shade under a very dense, low-branched tree, or in a dense grove of trees.

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Natural Bug Spray

One cup of each of the following in 2 gallon pressure sprayer:

Dish washing detergent

No name window spray

Tobacco juice (make this by putting a generous clump of chewing tobacco in a pint jar of water, let remain overnight, strain

Fill remaining space in sprayer with water

When planting a tree always use native soil to fill around the root ball. Using enriched soil will pamper the roots and they'll refuse to penetrate poorer surrounding soil to establish a good root base.


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Keeps the dirt of your picnic table.
Simple guide to cut accurately with a circular saw.

Yard Projects

Mini Wishing Well Planter

Pergola Gate Topper

Scarry Stuff

Percy Schmeiser is a Saskatchewan farmer whose canola crop was contaminated from a neighbouring field sown with Monsanto seed, now they want him to pay their Technology Fee.

Monsanto vs. Schmeiser

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